RAF Fighter Command Royal Air Force – Battle of Britain squadrons 1940

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RAF Fighter Command, Royal Air Force, was formed in 1936 to control fighter aircraft during the Second World War. The Command continued until 17 November 1943, when it was disbanded and the RAF fighter force was split into two categories; defence and attack. The defensive force became Air Defence of Great Britain (ADGB) and the offensive force became the RAF Second Tactical Air Force. Air Defence of Great Britain was later renamed Fighter Command. It was finally disbanded in 1968.

Hurricane fighters - Battle of Britain airfield - 501 Squadron

Hurricane fighters – Battle of Britain airfield 1940 – 501 Squadron RAF

Fighter Command was divided into a number of Groups, each controlling a different part of the UK. 11 Group took the brunt of the German attack, as it controlled southeast England and London. It was reinforced by 10 Group, which covered southwest England, 12 Group, which covered the Midlands and East Anglia and 13 Group which covered the North of England and Scotland.

RAF Fighter Command Royal Air Force – Battle of Britain squadrons 1940

1 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded JX, Operated from Northolt & Tangmere
1RCAF SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded YO, Operated from Croydon & Northolt
3 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded QO, Operated from Kenley & Wick
17 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded YB, Operated from Debden & Martlesham Heath
19 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded QV, Operated from Fowlemere & Duxford
23 SQUADRON: Blenheims, Coded YP, Operated from Colyweston & Wittering
25 SQUADRON: Blenheims & Beaufighters, Coded ZK, Operated from North Weald
29 SQUADRON: Blenheims & Beaufighters, Coded RO, Operated from Debden
32 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded GZ, Operated from Biggin Hill & Acklington
41 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded EB, Hornchurch & Catterick
43 SQUADRON “China-British”: Hurricanes, Coded FT, Operated from Tangmere & Northolt
46 SQUADRON “Uganda”: Hurricanes, Coded PO, Operated from Stapleford
54 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded KL, Operated from Hornchurch & Catterick(Rest)
56 SQUADRON “Punjab”: Hurricanes, Coded US, Operated from North Weald & Boscombe Down
64 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded SH, Operated from Kenley, Hornchurch & Biggin Hill
65 SQUADRON “East India”: Spitfires, Coded YT, Operated from Hornchurch & Turnhouse(Rest)
66 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded LZ, Operated from Coltishall & Kenley
72 SQUADRON “Basutoland”: Spitfires, Coded RN, Operated from Drem & Biggin Hill
73 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded TP, Operated from Church Fenton
74 SQUADRON “Trinidad”: Spitfires, Coded ZP, Operated from Hornchurch & Biggin Hill
79 SQUADRON “Madras Presidency”: Hurricanes, Coded NV, Operated from Acklington & Biggin Hill
85 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded VY, Operated from Debden & Croydon
87 SQUADRON “United Provinces”: Hurricanes, Coded LK, Operated from Exeter
92 SQUADRON “East India”: Spitfires, Coded QJ, Operated from Hornchurch & Biggin Hill
111 SQUADRON “Treble One”: Hurricanes, Northolt & Drem
141 SQUADRON: Defiants, Coded TW, Operated from West Malling & Biggin Hill
145 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded SO, Operated from Tangmere & Westhampnet
151 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded DZ, Operated from North Weald
152 SQUADRON “Hyderabad”: Spitfires, Coded UM, Operated from Warmwell
213 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded AK, Operated from Exeter & Leconfield
219 SQUADRON: Blenheims, Coded FK, Operated from Catterick & Redhill
222 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded ZD, Operated from Kirkon-in-Lindsay(Rest) & Hornchurch
229 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded HB, Operated from Wittering & Northolt
232 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded EF, Operated from Sumburgh
234 SQUADRON: Spitfires, Coded AZ, Operated from Church Fenton & Middle Wallop
235 SQUADRON: Blenheims, Coded LA, Operated from Thorney Island & Bircham Newton
236 SQUADRON: Blenheims, Coded FA, Operated from Thorney Island
238 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded VK, Operated from Middle Wallop & St Eval
242 SQUADRON “Canadian”: Hurricanes, Coded LE, Operated from Coltishall & Duxford
245 SQUADRON “Northern Rhodesia”: Hurricanes, Coded DR, Operated from Aldergrove
247 SQUADRON “China-British”: Gladiators, Coded HP, Operated from St Eval
248 SQUADRON: Blenheims, Coded WR, Operated from Dyce
249 SQUADRON “Gold Coast”: Hurricanes, Coded GN, Operated from Church Fenton/Boscombe Down/Nth Weald
253 SQUADRON “Hyderabad”: Hurricanes, Coded SW, Operated from Turnhouse & Kenley
257 SQUADRON “Burma”: Hurricanes, Coded DT, Operated from Northolt & Debden
263 SQUADRON: Whirlwinds, Coded HE, Operated from Drem
264 SQUADRON “Madras Presidency”: Defiants, Coded PS, Operated from Fowlmere & Hornchurch
266 SQUADRON “Rhodesia”: Spitfires, Coded UO, Operated from Wittering & Hornchurch
302 SQUADRON “Poznan”: Hurricanes, Coded WX, Operated from Northolt & Westhampnet
303 SQUADRON “Warsaw”: Hurricanes, Coded RF, Operated from Northolt & Leconfield(Rest)
310 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded NN, Operated from Duxford
312 SQUADRON: Hurricanes, Coded DU, Operated from Speke
501 SQUADRON “County of Gloucester” Auxiliary Air Force Hurricanes, Coded SD, Operated from Middle Wallop/Gravesend/Kenley
504 SQUADRON “County of Nottingham” Auxiliary Air Force Hurricanes, Coded TM, Operated from Wick/Hendon/Filton
600 SQUADRON “City of London” Auxiliary Air Force Blenheims, Coded BQ, Operated from Northolt
601 SQUADRON “County of London” Auxiliary Air Force Hurricanes, Coded UF, Operated from Middle Wallop & Tangmere
602 SQUADRON “City of Glasgow” Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires, Coded LO, Operated from Drem & Westhampnet
603 SQUADRON “City of Edinburgh” Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires, Coded XT, Operated from Drem/Turnhouse/Hornchurch
604 SQUADRON “County of Middlesex” Auxiliary Air Force Blenheims/Beaufighters, Coded NG, Operated from Middle Wallop
605 SQUADRON “County of Warwick” Auxiliary Air Force Hurricanes, Coded UP, Operated from Wick & Croydon
607 SQUADRON “County of Durham” Auxiliary Air Force Hurricanes, Coded AF, Operated from Usworth & Tangmere
609 SQUADRON “West Riding” Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires, Coded PR, Operated from Middle Wallop & Warmwell
610 SQUADRON “County of Chester” Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires, Coded DW, Operated from Biggin Hill & Acklington(Rest)
611 SQUADRON “West Lancashire” Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires, Coded FY, Operated from Digby
615 SQUADRON “County of Surrey” Auxiliary Air Force Hurricanes, Coded KW, Operated from Kenley & Northolt
616 SQUADRON “South Yorkshire” Auxiliary Air Force Spitfires, Coded YQ, Operated from Leconfield/Kenley/Coltishall/Kirton-in-Lindsay