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Book now – Airshow bookings for 2019. What better way to spice up your event than to have one of only 15 Hawker Hurricanes in the world flying at your airshow or event. This Hurricane however is indeed very special….. Hurricane 501 serial V7497 actually flew in combat at the height of the Battle of Britain.

Hear the roar of the original Rolls Royce Merlin III engine as used in the Battle of Britain as our Hurricane flies overhead.

Hurricane V7497 was unfortunately lost on the 28th September 1940 at the hands of Oberleutnant Gustav “Micky”Sprick from a formation of 12 Messerschmitt  109s from Jagdgeschwader 26

Hurricane 501 has now been completely restored to flying condition after 30,000 hours of labour by the engineers at Hawker Restoration. Today Hurricane 501 flies in its original colours and markings as worn in 1940 using over 30 percent of original parts, making this one of the most authentic Hurricanes flying today.

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Airshow bookings for 2019. We cater for any event from large airshows to weddings, funerals, Fetes and fairs. Having the famous Hurricane at your event will add that special sparkle guaranteed to wow to audience.

It is now becoming common knowledge that the Hurricane was responsible for over 60 percent of all enemy aircraft destroyed during the battle of Britain and as such is the aircraft that saved our nations.

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