Hurricane Training

Skills required to fly the Hurricane

To Fly the Hurricane the pilot must prove mastery of light tail wheel aircraft and also the heavier tail wheel aircraft such as the T6 Harvard. A good overall experience level to fly the Hurricane would be a pilot with around 1000 hours of total time with at least 500 of those hours on tail wheel aircraft such as the Chipmunk, Pitts Special, Auster or Cub and a further 100 hours on the T6 Harvard

The conversion course on to the T6 Harvard from the lighter tail wheel aircraft may seem a little daunting at first however with the correct training this conversion can be done in around 5 – 15 hours depending on the pilots experience, aptitude and skill. Then once solo its time to really start learning!

CONVERSION to the Harvard – advanced military trainer

Learning objectives

The T-6 Harvard conversion prepares pilots of all experience levels to act as PIC of the T-6 Harvard or any of its many variants. The course covers the following disciplines :


Normal and emergency procedures


Three point landings

Wheel landings

Crosswind operations

Unusual attitude recoveries

Basic aerobatics


Free Hurricane manual

Free to download below – Hurricane 1 Aeroplane Merlin II or III Engine 

The length of the course

The length of the course – Varies depending on pilot experience but generally ranges from 5 – 15 hours. Students beginning the course should have a tail wheel endorsement in their log book. If they do not, a tail wheel conversion will be completed in the Chipmunk, or similar tail wheel aircraft prior to beginning training in the T-6 Harvard. Harvard conversions will normally be carried out on G-BJST “The Wacky Wabbit”. Cost– The conversion course costs £650 per hour wet plus VAT

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Warbird progression

Advanced training– Whether you are looking for a full T-6 checkout or recurrent training, you will walk away with a thoroughunderstanding of the aircraft and the confidence, proficiency and respect that the T-6 Harvard demands. Our experienced warbird instructors can also offer transition programs for those wishing to advance further on to high performance WWII fighter aircraft. We will tailor the training package to suit your individual background and experience level, making the step to the bigger fighter aircraft an enjoyable, safe and educational experience.